Our Top 4 Sales Funnel Builders of 2020

Everyone knows how hard it is to market your products and business. Most people seek help online. Luckily, there are many options out there. Sales funnel builders are software that can help you automate the marketing process. You can guide potential customers to learn what they require before they become a client of yours. Here, we are going to review five different products and help you determine which one might be the best for you.

But first, It’s essential to understand the reasoning behind buying anything. You’ve got to know why you need it and how it benefits you. Sales funnels are an excellent choice, but many people aren’t sure what they are. We’re going to discuss what they do, how they’re used, and many other important factors. That way, you are sure to see the value in buying them and can then learn which one is most suitable for your needs.

How to Choose the Best Sales Funnel Software

When you are trying to choose a funnels builder for your company, the focus should be on these specific features:

  • Is the sales funnel builder easy to use?
  • What integrations does it provide?
  • How many page templates are available, and what are they?
  • Is there an A/B-testing feature? What about an A/B-Split testing feature?
  • Is the funnel buildr SEO-friendly?

If a single platform has all of these features, it’s going to be much easier and less stressful to build the sales funnel. Therefore, you are going to see more sales revenues and higher conversion rates. You must also consider affordability. To make it easier, the funnel builder might offer a free trial. This allows you to use all of the features. One of the best things is the ability to drag and drop. Create a landing page that’s easy to make from page templates. That way, you can get lead generation and find email marketing tools that are suitable for your business.

What Are the Advantages of a Sales Funnel Builder?

The sales funnel is a specific tool that business owners use to help them focus on their marketing tactics and solutions. It starts with attention, then goes toward interest, moves to desire, and then ends with action. Therefore, your sales funnel builder must work on all four points. Of course, you can add more things to the sales funnel and might need to do so for certain prospects.

One funnel that most entrepreneurs use is this:

  • Awareness – Make the prospect aware of what you’ve got to offer (through email marketing and other tools).
  • Interest – Generate a buzz for your product or brand by providing something the prospect wants.
  • Consideration – Give them enough time to consider the product or offer.
  • Intent – Create intent to buy when you follow up with them through another email marketing campaign.
  • Evaluation – They are going to take this time to determine the product, whether it works for them, and weigh the pros and cons.
  • Purchase – At this time of the email marketing campaign, you are going to have a handful of people left. These are your buyers and the ones who are likely to be loyal to your brand.

You may also do this with landing pages. Create a landing page, which brings awareness and interest to your brand. They consider everything and might sign up for the free newsletter. This shows that they have the intention of buying something that you have or offer. Give them chances to learn about your products and evaluate them based on the prospect’s need. At the right time, they are going to purchase something.

The benefits of this are exponential:

  1. Better conversion rates. Your landing page is going to get people to the site. It’s what they click on and see first. It must be great, but landing pages aren’t the only way to convert people. Attract as many as you can with the landing page and try to get them to subscribe to the newsletter or otherwise provide a contact email address. This still doesn’t mean that they are going to buy from you. However, you start off with a broad audience, and then some of them drop out along the way. You are left with the few who still want to learn more.
  2. Sales volume accountability and prediction. With a sales funnel, you can see how many people move from the beginning to the end of the process (purchase). That way, you can see who bought from you and who didn’t. This allows you to predict sales so you can create new strategies and improve your marketing efforts. With a funnel, you also reduce confusion because you know the right sources, which products sell, and where most of your customers are located. As another point to this, some sales funnels allow you to use split testing. Sometimes called A/B-testing, it enables you to show customers two different websites or landing pages. You can evaluate both of them based on how long the prospect stays and if they buy. The landing page that gets the most conversions is one of the best and the one you should be using from now on.
  3. Consistency. With the right page builder, you can provide email marketing automation. With that, you are going to get more consistent sales from the tools you use. This is great for companies everywhere, but it works really well for smaller businesses. Those landing pages you create are just the first step.
  4. Identify problems. Of course, nothing is going to be perfect. Your funnel builder might not have every single feature, but it can still help generate sales. The goal of the funnel is to help you find problems and fix them. You can’t do that without the right tools.
  5. Easier marketing. Automation is your best friend because it takes a lot of the guesswork out of creating a landing page and sending emails. You have the tools needed to be great at sales. However, the funnel itself is how you get those landing pages to be perfect, and those emails to be sent out at the right time.
  6. Fewer errors. The sales funnel is pretty much automated. With so much automation at your disposal, you don’t need someone to intervene. Humans are prone to making errors, but since the sales funnel software works on its own, there are fewer errors because of humans.

Things to Look for When Choosing Sales Funnel Software

Though we went through this a little earlier on, it’s important to know what to consider for your sales funnel builder software.

  • The landing page: This is the webpage your potential customers are going to go to when they click on an ad or link from another location. It’s the epitome of your business and is what either gets them to stay or pushes them away. Make sure your sales funnel builder has a landing page builder included. This ensures that you’ve got the best tools that are easy to use. Landing pages are essential for your website, and page templates make it so easy to use the product.
  • A/B Testing and A/B Split Testing: This is the process for showing two variations of the web page to various website visitors at the same time. You can then compare them both to see which one provides more conversions. Regardless of where you are right now, this is the best way to optimize the sales funnel for your digital marketing campaign.
  • Email Marketing: Of course, the whole point of a sales funnel builder is to market yourself and get lead generation. To do that, email is still the preferred communication method. With the right sales funnel software, you can have marketing automation. This makes it easy to use and allows for drag and drop features. Just create a form, drop the names in, and send it out. It’s a great tool for your business.
  • Automation: Though we just talked about marketing automation, the right sales funnels can help you automate a variety of needs. This means it is easier for you to create campaigns and launch them while doing other things for the company at the same time.
  • Customer Support: You’re going to have questions and issues when you’re just starting out. Therefore, it’s almost required to have customer support. Webinars are likely provided with membership, which can help you learn about the funnel building software. The webinar offers step-by-step guidance to help you generate leads and more online sales. If you’re having trouble and can’t seem to get started, you can turn to the professionals who offer the sales funnel software. Learn about pop-ups, the various page builders, and affiliate management. That way, you can sell your products from one place.

What’s the Best Way to Use Sales Funnel Builders?

The first thing to do is to analyze the behaviors of your audience. Learn as much as you can about them so that the sales funnel is more effective. You’re not here to market to everyone. Instead, you want to market to those who fit what you sell.

Then, you’ve got to capture the attention of your audience. The sales funnel can only work if people get lured into it. Therefore, you’ve got to get the content in front of the targets. Post content across the many platforms, use videos, infographics, and everything else. You can also run ads and use PPC (Pay-Per-Click).

Now, you need to build a landing page. The content has to take the prospects somewhere. Landing pages are the best option and often include an offer that can’t be missed. Remember, though; these people are still low within the sales funnel, so you’re not pushing a sale at this point. You’re just steering people to the next step with a bold action statement.

You can also create an email campaign. Market to the leads through email and give them amazing content. Do it regularly, such as once or twice a week. Build up to it all and make an offer after a few weeks of emails.

Follow-up with them, as well. The funnel can’t work if you just let them decide for themselves. They are never going to take the plunge to buy without a friendly follow-up and reminder that you are there to help them.

Is the Sales Funnel Dead?

It’s easy to think that the sales funnel is dead, but it isn’t. Sales funnels work because they guide the clients through the process of buying. However, it starts with a lower commitment, such as requesting a free report. Then, it slowly builds from there to expose them to offers that they might find essential. They become familiar with your branding, develop trust, and want to go further with that relationship.

Imagine that you walk up to someone you’ve never met before and ask them to make a big purchase from you. It’s never going to happen!

However, if you walk up to that same stranger and provide them something at little or no cost that is valuable to them, they are sure to respond. If it’s free, they’re sure to reply, especially if they want what you’re selling anyway. This is great, and often email marketing is at the front of sales funnels.

Email marketing is free for you both. As long as you have an internet service provider (ISP) and have a free email account, you can send strangers emails about your business. Through the sales funnel software, you can have marketing automation, making it so easy to do what you need to do.

Of course, if you choose the right sales funnel builders, you also get other tools that are great and can help you build one of the best campaigns you’ve ever had.

The process is simple in nature, but it does take an understanding of customers and how they think. For example, you give them something valuable, and it is free. They reply because it’s important to them and it doesn’t cost anything. You helped them, so they now think of you when they need that same thing again.

You’ve entered the funnel.

Now, you’ve demonstrated that you are valuable to them and built a bit of trust with them, too. Therefore, you can start offering them purchase chances. However, before you move on to provide something, you might consider low-cost deals to get a commitment out of them. Though your goal is to upsell, you might need to down-sell first. Once they’ve purchased something, then you can provide costly and premium products. This is the basis of the sales funnel.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Sales Funnel?

Each sales funnel builder is different, so the price you pay depends on the one you choose. However, the average rates can be quite low for simple sales funnels. These include email marketing, appropriate templates, and some marketing automation.

When you go to the next level in price, you are sure to get a landing page builder, as well. You may also get access to drag and drop features, as well as many other tools. Of course, the price is also dependent on the traffic you expect to receive from the sales funnel builder.

Many of the programs offer various packages. Some might include a one-time fee, and others might provide a trial period where you can test the system before you buy.

A few things to note: The packages aren’t often that different from each other, and the plans included can accommodate startup companies, as well as enterprises. You may even be able to customize the package to meet your specific business needs. Just remember that customization is going to be a little higher in price than the others.

Some sales funnel software bills you every month instead of having a one-time fee. If that is the case, you can pay monthly or have it all billed at once for the entire year. Generally, you get a discount when you’re charged annually, which allows you to save money but have it all taken out of your bank account at once.

Keep in mind that the lower-priced sales funnel software comes with a variety of limitations. For example, you may only be allowed to use it on a WordPress site.

With higher pricing plans, you may get a full website builder, which includes landing page templates, social media buttons, an easy-to-use page editor, and a comprehensive marketing platform. It might make it a lot easier for you to provide one-click upsells, as well as high-converting checkout pages.

How Do I Make a Sales Funnel for Free?

Many times, the sales funnel builders on the market offer a trial period, where you can test everything for free. During this time-frame, you can use all of the automation tools and create landing pages, create email marketing campaigns, and much more.


With GetResponse, you get competitive pricing and tons of features. The tools you have here are great and can provide you with high conversion rates. You also get plenty of templates for the landing page and can design your own if you like.

Newsletters are the best form of initial conversation, and the tools here help you optimize your work. Once you’ve attracted people to the site, you can use GetResponse and its tools to convert them into customers. There are also plenty of integration features and some advanced automation options. If that weren’t enough, you get Autofunnel. Even the least expensive plans offer this, which is a great way to build sales funnels quickly and easily.


  • Competitive Pricing
  • Simple Integrations
  • Easy to use
  • Connect emails, forms, and landing pages


  • No free accounts
  • Unsatisfactory customer service
  • Accounts can get closed without any warning

>>Try GetResponse For Free Today<<

Groove Funnels

Groove Funnels is an excellent funnel builder and new to the market. It’s designed to be an all-in-one solution with multiple apps to help you sell, market, and promote your business. One of the reasons it’s so popular is that it’s completely free. However, it’s still in its infancy, so there are many bugs to work out.

Still, you can build a website, create sales pages, sell your products (down-sell and upsell included), run affiliate programs, video hosting, collect payments, and so much more. You also get unlimited templates and unlimited membership for life. Therefore, you don’t need a credit card and can still have email automation and a higher conversion rate. Such tools are a great asset to any company.


  • Completely free
  • No credit card required
  • Unlimited products


  • Still in beta mode
  • Relatively new software
  • No proof of benefits

>>Get Started With GrooveFunnels For Free<<


BuilderAll is an excellent digital marketing software option and comes with many features for those who have experience and those who don’t. The platform allows you to create whatever you require for your company, such as a complicated funnel, website, or landing page. You also get a unique drag and drop builder called Cheetah. Such tools allow you to build funnels and so much more to help boost conversion rates. With it, you get unlimited pages and can get assistance with page creation as needed.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • High-converting sales funnels
  • Help with generating sales/leads
  • Ideal for beginners and professional marketers
  • Mobile-responsive design


  • Confusing to use at times
  • Free version doesn’t offer funnel sharing or split tests

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ClickFunnels tends to be the go-to funnel builder and for a good reason. The platform features an all-in-one marketing solution with tons of tools that can help your online company. There are endless key features, such as upsell/down-sell options, a funnel builder, landing page builder, and reporting functionality.

Such tools are going to help you regardless of your business scope. You can generate leads and sales, automate the processes, and even use split tests.


  • Funnel sharing
  • Easy-to-build funnels and pages
  • Generate sales and leads
  • Pre-built templates included


  • Limited customization options
  • Can get expensive
  • Steep learning curve

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What Is the Best Sales Funnel Software?

This page is right here to help you find the best sales funnel software. We want you to know which options are performing well so that you can use the right software. Sales funnel builders are great tools and can help your business through automation.

We think the best sales funnel builder is ClickFunnels. Though it’s a bit more expensive than some of the other options, it has a variety of features. You get a full builder with everything you require, such as drag-and-drop features, one-click upsells, Facebook and email automation, and so much more. We believe this is the best funnel building product because it has payment processors and superb services. Comparable to Thrive Themes and Kartra, you get everything you need to grow your business, build contacts, and create custom funnels to benefit you.

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